May 11, 2016

Residents and local officials are hopeful over revitalization of Fresno's blighted Lowell Neighborhood


The Lowell neighborhood of Fresno—one which has long been blighted, attracting crime in the form of prostitution, drugs, and gang violence—is about to undergo a dramatic revitalization, bringing excitement and hope to area residents and local officials. The Fresno Housing Authority has contracted with Brown Construction to lead the renovation and new construction of two affordable housing developments which will bring 30 affordable and attractive multifamily housing units, along with the promise of new life, to the Lowell neighborhood.

Construction on both sites began in April, and on Wednesday, local officials including Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin, the Fresno Housing Authority, and the Lowell Community Development Corporation gathered with news crews and neighbors to commemorate the groundbreaking of the Lowell neighborhood revitalization. And, of course, Brown Construction was there to appreciate and honor what a significant impact this construction project will make on this underserved community.

"Now, what was a seriously blighted community has become again a symbol of what's possible in a neighborhood. So us as neighbors—we're thrilled." - Randy White, a Lowell neighborhood resident.

Click here to see video footage and the full story from Fresno's ABC 30 Action News.