Jun 21, 2017

Grand Re-Opening of a Once-Blighted Fresno Neighborhood


In May 2016, we reported on the groundbreaking of the Lowell Neighborhood Projects in Fresno—two new construction and renovation projects producing 30 new, high-quality, affordable housing units. The Lowell Neighborhood in Fresno has long been blighted, attracting rampant crime in the form of prostitution, drugs, and gang violence.  At the groundbreaking, residents, neighbors, and local officials were full of excitement and hope for the new life that the construction projects would bring to the desperate neighborhood. Construction on both projects wrapped up in mid-June and today, the Fresno Housing Authority hosted the grand opening ceremony for the projects now branded Fénix @ Calaveras and Fénix @ Glenn. Where there once stood dilapidated, run-down apartment buildings now stand two beautifully-designed, craftsman-style, high-quality, affordable multifamily housing complexes complete with modern amenities. 

"Rising like a phoenix in Downtown Fresno, the Fénix properties are affordable and environmentally-friendly, without sacrificing design," touts the Fresno Housing Authority about the two developments. The properties feature family-friendly comprehensive living environments, offer a range of family services, and will host community events. "Fénix is not just a place to live, but a place to call home in a neighborhood experiencing a rebirth," says the Fresno Housing Authority.

Lowell neighborhood resident Randy White says, "Now, what was a seriously blighted community has become again a symbol of what's possible in a neighborhood. So us as neighbors—we're thrilled."

Brown Construction, Inc. is proud to work with the Fresno Housing Authority to build better, safer homes and communities for families in need of affordable housing.