What we do

  • New Construction
  • Renovation
  • General Contracting
  • Preconstruction
  • Construction Management
  • Design-build
  • CM/GC
  • Design-assist


Brown Construction is a full service contractor providing clients with a comprehensive range of preconstruction and construction services for new construction and renovation projects in the Western United States.

The primary services we provide are detailed below, along with the delivery method options we most commonly implement. We understand that each client and each project will have their unique set of goals and needs, so we’re here to help guide you through these service options to ensure yours are met

We provide preconstruction and construction services and self-perform portions of the work. We procure and administer all subcontracts for the project. We are highly experienced with numerous general contracting delivery methods, the most common of which are below.

  • Design-build
  • Design-assist
  • Design-bid-build
  • CM/GC (construction management/general contracting)
  • Lease-leaseback

The advantage of bringing us in early on in project design is the substantial cost savings that comes along with receiving these wraparound services, as well as helping to minimize scope gap when the project moves into construction. Brown Construction can provide the following preconstruction services in the planning and design phases of a project (additional services are provided as-needed).

  • Constructability reviews
  • Value engineering & cost analysis (incl. life cycle cost analysis)
  • Cost estimating (conceptual and detailed)
  • Project scheduling
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Facility & technology assessments
  • Design assistance
  • Consultant selection assistance
  • End-user collaboration

We provide preconstruction and construction services, but do not self-perform any portion of the work. Construction management delivery methods are below. Typically, all subcontracts are procured and administered by Brown and we guarantee the schedule and cost (construction management at-risk). If the client prefers to administer all subcontracts directly, we provide our construction management services on a fee basis.

  • Construction management at-risk
  • Construction management

We provide all services for planning, design, construction and commissioning of a project. We hire the architect, engineers and all consultants required to meet all of the project needs. This team works closely with the client from the very beginning of the project through commissioning and warranty. “Design-build” describes both the service provided as well as the delivery method. 

We are contracted early in the planning or design phases of a project to work collaboratively with the client, project architect, engineers and other consultants that the client has hired. We perform budget/cost updates regularly throughout the design process to ensure the project can be built within budget. “Design-assist” describes both the service provided as well as the delivery method.

We work as a construction manager through preconstruction, then as a general contractor from the subcontractor bidding process through construction, procuring and administering all subcontracts and possibly self-performing some work. “CM/GC” describes both the services provided as well as the delivery method.


Our approach focuses on client needs and resources every bit as much as design and materials. Communication is the centerpiece of our project approach—we are committed to an open, collaborative exchange of ideas with all team members from the owner to subcontractors. Our ability to successfully manage a project centers around our understanding of the big picture as well as the details, managing that information effectively, and cultivating relationships that create a professional, quality environment. The following delineates our typical project approach.

approach graphic 01approach graphic 02


Wolff Waters Place, La Quinta, CA
Kaiser Permanente Offices, Folsom, CA
Modesto Junior College Science Community Center & Museum

Brown Construction, Inc. builds a wide variety of project types for both public and private owners. While we specialize in both multifamily and commercial projects, construction of multifamily and mixed-use housing has been the backbone of our business for over 50 years. In just the past seven years, including current work, our portfolio includes over 5,000 living units, with projects ranging in size from 14 to 652 units. Our commercial work ranges in size from 2,000 to 220,000 square feet per building. We also have a strong portfolio of academic, civic, and community work.

Approximately 85% of our work has been under design-build or design-assist, negotiated contracts. With a dedicated preconstruction department and veteran estimators, we excel at collaborating early on in project design to produce the best outcomes.

Brown Construction, Inc. has significant experience with all of the following project types (for project details and photos, see the Experience page):

Multifamily & Mixed-use

  • Market rate
  • Affordable
  • Student housing: on- & off-campus
  • Senior living: independent, assisted & memory care


  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Community


  • K-12
  • Higher education


  • Government
  • Public spaces